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  •  “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania
  •  Council for Doctoral University Studies, CSUD
  •  Council of Doctoral School, CSD
  •  “Gheorghe Asachi” University Foundation, Iasi, Romania

Conference Sections

  • Section 1: Interdisciplinary studies (held on-site and will include papers from all doctoral fields)
  • Section 2: Computers and information technology; Systems engineering Electrical engineering; Energy engineering; Electronic engineering, telecommunications and information technology (held on-line)
  • Section 3: Chemistry; Chemical engineering; Environmental engineering (held on-line)
  • Section 4: Civil engineering and installations (held on-line)
  • Section 5: Mechanical engineering; Industrial engineering; Materials engineering; Engineering and management (held on-line)


Registration form, [Download here] (to be sent after Abstract acceptance)

The registration form will be sent to the email address of the secretariat member responsible for the section to

which the paper is sent:

  • Nicoleta Cojocariu, PhD Student (Section 1) (nicoleta.cojocariu@student.tuiasi.ro)
  • Lect.dr. Andrei Donțu, PhD, Lecturer (Section 2) (andrei-ionut.dontu@academic.tuiasi.ro)
  • Iolanda Fusteș-Dămoc, PhD Student (Section 3) (iolanda.fustes-damoc@student.tuiasi.ro)
  • Cosmin-Ionuț Gosav, PhD Student (Section 4) (cosmin-ionut.gosav@student.tuiasi.ro)
  • Elena Ionela Cherecheș, PhD Student (Section 5) (elena-ionela.chereches@academic.tuiasi.ro)